The Benefits of Adding a Hen House to Your Garden

There are many benefits of adding a hen house to your garden, from eggs and chicken meat to more time for you and your family. This article outlines the situation for an example garden in order to give you a clearer idea about the benefits that hen poultry runs can have on your property.

What are the benefits of adding a hen house to your garden?

Adding a hen house to your garden can provide you with many benefits. Chickens are good for fertilizing your soil and providing you with eggs, which you can use in your cooking. They also keep the garden pests under control, and they are entertaining to watch.

What types of birds can you have in a hen house?

There are a number of different types of birds that can be kept in a henhouse, including parakeets, canaries, budgies, and toucans. These birds provide a number of benefits to the gardener, including entertainment and pest control.

How do you build a hen house for backyard chicken enthusiasts?

Adding a hen house to your garden gives you the opportunity to keep backyard chickens without having to feed them, water them, or clean up their droppings. A henhouse should be big enough for at least four hens, with an entrance large enough for them to get through and a little space inside for their eggs and roosting area.